Utah Law Requires Fathers to Pay Half of Mothers’ Pregnancy Costs

Article here. Excerpt:

'The legislation, H.B. 113, signed into law by Utah Gov. Spencer Cox (R) in March, amends the Utah Child Support Act to include the medical costs associated with pregnancy.

The law will take effect May 5.

The text states the law “requires a biological father to pay 50% of a mother’s: insurance premiums while she is pregnant; and pregnancy-related medical costs, including the hospital birth of the child, that are not paid by another person.”

Under the law, a father will not be required to pay for a woman’s abortion to which he did not consent, unless the pregnancy was the result of rape or incest, or to preserve the life of the mother.

Additionally, a father’s paternity would need to be confirmed, if it is in question, prior to paying his half of the pregnancy costs.'

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