Guest opinion: Federal grant an attempt to program wokeism into children

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Legislature is reconsidering giving a $6 million federal grant to the Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children (IDAEYC), a radical group trafficking divisive theories into homes, communities and schools.

The grant enables IDAEYC to enhance strategic partnerships to program wokeism into children.

First, the IDAEYC will partner with the Early Learning Institute (ELI) to provide training, resources, and materials to childcare programs and families. ELI promotes anti-bias curriculum, an idea the IDAEYC’s parent group the National AEYC (NAEYC) developed. Anti-bias education peddles the narrative that America is systemically and irredeemably racist and sexist; that white children, especially boys, are complicit in that racism and sexism; and educators must discriminate in treatment of students based on race and sex. The ELI believes babies are racists. One flyer explains, “By 6 months...babies are noticing racial differences; by age 4, signs of racial bias.” As a remedy, white parents must “be honest” with babies about “bigotry and oppression.”'

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