Brown University Will Let Students Anonymously Report Title IX Sexual Misconduct

Article here. Excerpt:

'Brown University has debuted a new system for reporting sexual harassment and misconduct under the auspices of Title IX, the federal law that prohibits sex- and gender-based discrimination in education. Notably, it allows students to make an anonymous accusation against another member of campus.

"Brown University encourages community members to report any acts they believe to be an incident of sexual harassment, sexual violence, or gender-based discrimination," notes Brown on its website. "The Sexual Violence & Gender-Harassment Incident Reporting Form was developed to capture these reports as a part of the intake process."

The website stresses that using the anonymous reporting form is not the same thing as filing a formal Title IX complaint, which would automatically trigger an investigation. These investigations attracted significant criticism from civil liberties advocates for abridging the due process rights of accused students, though the process was overhauled by the Trump administration to restore basic fairness.
Universities can and should deal with interpersonal violence. But for accountability's sake, campus authorities really do need to know the identities of accusers. Otherwise, the system is likely to be abused.'

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