Why the 'nice guy' penalty disadvantages all workers

Article here. Excerpt:

'Research suggests that men are distrusted and passed over at work when they exhibit qualities stereotypically assigned to women. Fixing this would benefit all of us.
Wyatt is among others who believe men’s career trajectories can depend on how well they fit gendered preconceptions. How this plays out depends enormously on class and sector, of course – a surgeon will face different expectations than an oil worker – but, overall, there’s a great deal of research suggesting that men are disliked, distrusted and passed over when they exhibit qualities stereotypically assigned to women. As the pandemic has shifted so much of working life into homes and private spaces, it’s also important to consider how rigid gender norms hurt men, and how everyone can benefit from easing them.'

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Is this just another "if only men were more like women" article, bashing masculinity with negative attributes like "rigid", "macho", and describing masculine men as horrible people who demean beta males by just existing and having self confidence?

Sorry, but I just don't get why this kind of victimology is given any space at all.

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