Toxic Femininity: The under-addressed gender calamity

Article here. Excerpt:

'Male hatred stems from the misdirected battle against patriarchal society, which many feminists view as solely a collection of fights against individual men who committed heinous crimes, such as sexual assault. However, a concentrated battle against toxic societal expectations, combined with these individual initiatives, may create a healthier alternative, deterring future misdemeanors. Within this battle is halting the reinforcement of both negative female and male societal expectations. Beginning for many feminists with the awareness and correction of their mindsets caused by a toxic feminine society, a great number of avid feminists would be surprised to know that their version of feminism frequently contributes greatly to patriarchal norms like the objectification of women.

Feminism is frequently characterized by men as a loud, intimidating movement that focuses on attacking men for their wrongdoings, though it initially emerged as a fight for gender equality. The aforementioned male hatred rooted in the hyperfocus of individual cases, though crucial in fighting for justice for individual women, may do more harm than good if not expanded upon. It begins with recognizing how toxic gender roles are present and active for both genders and moving forth by combating society’s collective issues causing toxic traits together rather than apart.'

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