America Has A Boy Crisis

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Brookings Institute recently released a report that showed parents, both liberals and conservatives, are more worried about their sons’ futures than their daughters’. Our boys are not okay. Moms are worried about how this new world we’re living in will treat their boys today and in the decades to come.

I often wonder how things might be different if, 20 years ago, society had listened to the Factual Feminist Christina Hoff Sommers when she warned the public in her book, The War Against Boys, that there was indeed a war against boys and we’re leaving our boys behind to our own detriment. Rather than take her warnings seriously, she was accused of being a “Bootlicker of the Patriarchy” by feminists.

But Sommers was right, and sadly, because society continues to turn a blind eye to the issue, the problem has only gotten worse.

In our zeal to empower girls, we have left our boys behind...for decades. Because we want to get more women into the top roles in society, we have ignored the peril of young males’ decline. We’re seeing the repercussions today. In addition to watching our boys fail while pushing girls ahead, there has been a mainstream anti-male propaganda campaign taking place, essentially shaming and blaming boys and their masculinity. They’re just defective girls. They’re inherently monsters. They must change to be acceptable in our modern-day society.'

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