UK: 'Culture of misogyny' could mean men get more lenient sentences - commissioners warn

Article here. Excerpt:

'A "culture of misogyny in the criminal justice system" could lead to men getting away with more lenient sentences, the victims' commissioner and domestic abuse commissioner for England and Wales have said.

In a joint letter to Home Secretary Priti Patel, Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland and Attorney General Michael Ellis, the commissioners have called for an independent review for every domestic homicide.

They are also urging the government to review murder and manslaughter sentences in domestic abuse cases.

In the letter, Domestic Abuse Commissioner Nicole Jacobs and Victims' Commissioner Dame Vera Baird QC call for "greater recognition of the devastation caused by domestic homicide" and a "programme of work to address deficiencies across the criminal justice system and statutory services".'

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Sometimes I can only SMH.

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. . . if it wasn't based on the idea that men are killing women and getting away with it. If it were approached from a gender neutral standpoint, with the intent to review sentencing in all cases of domestic homicide and whether the sentences are too lenient, I'd be all for it. Unfortunately, it's obvious that they're just going to cherry pick cases where a man killed a woman and got a light sentence. Another classic case of lying by omission to control the narrative . . .

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If they actually were to review all cases of domestic homicide, I'm sure they would find the complete opposite of a 'culture of misogyny'.

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