Data Shows Women Make Better Leaders. Who Cares?

Article here. Excerpt:

'The mountain of evidence keeps growing. Women leaders outperform. Especially during a crisis. Companies with more of them do better. Countries led by women are managing the Covid crisis better than their male counterparts. Why aren’t we all celebrating a global human awakening to the miracle of women’s century-long rise this International Women’s Day? Because only half the world is listening. And no, it’s not women vs men. It’s public vs private sector.
Companies expect talent to fight for power. That’s what men do. Women don’t. They fight for purpose. That’s why men sit atop the corporate world and women are now reaching the top of the public and non-profit sectors. That’s also why we need more women running businesses. Male dominated companies not only underperform. They are bad for the rest of us (think tech and finance, AI and subprimes).'

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Wow. Such a contrast between how they talk about female-dominated and male-dominated sectors of society. This article literally reads like some woman just wanted to bash men and baked up an excuse to do so.

Funny. If a man dared to claim men were so much better than women at so much and needed in female-dominated areas, the fembots would go nuts--even if he had some sort of ideologue-produced "statistics" to back it up.

Good job, Avivah. You've got me convinced! [/s]

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