Here Comes the Due Process Rollback

Article here. Excerpt:

'Schools and colleges are closed across much of the U.S., but some in Congress have a different priority for the Department of Education: Ensuring that student due-process protections are weakened.

Miguel Cardona, the department’s newly-confirmed Secretary, hadn’t even been in office a full day before 115 House Democrats sent a letter pressing him to “prioritize replacing Secretary Betsy DeVos ’ final rule” on campus sexual misconduct.
The House letter claims the rule “turns back the clock and erodes hard-fought protections and rights for victims with a ‘boys will be boys’ approach to sexual assault on college campuses.” That’s nonsense, and we doubt most signers can name the rule’s relevant provisions.'

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Those dirty rats want to harm boys and men. That is all there is to it.

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Feminism has always been about power and control. The roll back of due process in US college Title IX matters is just a shift in power in personal relationships. The shift is not about protecting anyone. It's about giving women the power to put men in prison or exclude them from education, on the basis of an accusation alone.

This is very different to the shift in power from men to women observed over the last 100 years or so. This isn't giving women the same rights as men, it's giving women control over men. The imposition of control is a very different process, and is likely to end badly for everyone.

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