Colin Farrell, Don Cheadle Among Celebrities Pushing Congress to Pass $2,400 Monthly Payments to Moms

Article here. Excerpt:

'An open letter published Thursday as a full-page ad in The Washington Post urged Congress to pass financial relief for mothers who have taken on extra responsibilities in the home as a result of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. The letter, which was signed by 50 prominent men, demands “pay equity” for women and other measures such as affordable childcare, paid family leave, and a plan that will safely re-open schools five days a week.

“When more than 30 years of progress for women in the workforce can be erased in 9 months, the underlying system is broken,” the letter said. “It’s time to create a new structure that works for women, that respects and values their labor.”

Others who signed the letter include New York City mayoral candidate and former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and Craigslist founder and progressive billionaire Craig Newmark. NBA athlete Stephen Curry and former NFL star Victor Cruz also signed the letter.'

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