Manne to give Society for the Humanities talk on male entitlement

Article here. Excerpt:

'Misogyny often stems from a wrongheaded sense of moral entitlement to women’s sexual, emotional, reproductive and material labor, Manne said. In the talk, she will introduce another form of entitlement that can be thought of as epistemic: a sense of entitlement to be the designated knower or informant, or the agent who issues authoritative explanations.

“It’s important to understand mansplaining and its darker cousin, gaslighting, as forms of epistemic domination – as ways people in dominant social positions assume, or insist, that they’re the authority in an exchange,” Manne said. “As a result, they can do grave harm to marginalized communities – and also to their own, as we saw with former President Donald Trump’s systemic gaslighting of many white Americans.”

In the lecture, Manne will connect the notion of epistemic entitlement with a variety of problematic behavior, including misogynistic anger at women’s expert testimony. She will also talk about how epistemic entitlement negatively affects people in marginalized social positions, including women and people of color, and women of color in particular.'

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Complaints about mansplaining are just another way to silence men.

Feminists teach women that they are entitled to whatever they want from men without giving anything in return. They simply expect men to pay for women's decisions without question. When men ask for something in return, this is called men having a sense of "entitlement." It's not. It's simply men wanting something in return for what they gave. If men receive nothing in return, there's no reason for men to give anything in the first place.

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