Australia: Mothers of Sons fights for fair treatment of men and boys

Article here. Excerpt:

'Two years ago, a Canberra woman Sarah Jane Parkinson was sent to prison for making over 30 false rape and violence accusations against her ex-fiance, Dan Jones. Jones was imprisoned as a result of the accusations and Dan’s parents, Ian and Michelle spent over $300,000 on legal fees battling for five years to have their son released and action taken against Parkinson.

Parkinson has just been released early on parole, missing out on a year of her very minimal three-year sentence. The Jones family is appalled, particularly as Parkinson has been given permission to join her husband, the NSW cop Scott White who faces a perjury trial later this year for his role in helping Parkinson as she persecuted Dan and his family. The whole saga featured on an hour-long 60 Minute special.

As a result of this publicity, the Jones family was swamped with messages from families who had endured similar ordeals, including many older women whose sons had been falsely accused.

Michelle Jones has now brought together a group of mothers who have decided to speak out about the unfair treatment their sons have suffered in legal systems and workplaces.'

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