UK: Say It Loud launch campaign for compulsory ‘masculinity’ workshops for male uni students

Article here. Excerpt:

'An Oxford Brookes sexual assault support group is campaigning to make it compulsory for male-identifying students at universities to be educated through workshops about positive masculinity.

Say It Loud, the group started by Brookes student Meredith, launched the campaign to tackle “lad culture” and “toxic masculinity”.

In December, the university said it was investigating allegations of a rugby social where “everyone had to try and get as many nudes from Brookes girls as possible.” Brookes Rugby Union also said they were investigating.

The campaign details problems with “lad culture” such as “slut-dropping”, where men offer to take women home and then leaving them miles away from their home; “hazing”, embarrassing activities that sometimes take place at sports socials such as pouring food over people and making them do humiliating things; and “going on the pull”, where men go out looking for women to have sexual intercourse with.'

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. . . that this and other campaigns like it aren't viewed as what they actually are--orchestrated gender-based harassment? Needless to say, there would be outrage if female students were forced to attend "positive femininity" workshops. By the same logic used by Say it Loud, it would be justified to do so, however. After all, since a handful of men act like boors means that all men need reprogramming, clearly there are a handful of female boors out there too, no?

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