SAVE: New Resource for Defense Attorneys: Mounting an Effective Defense in Proceedings Tainted by ‘Victim-Centered’ Philosophy

Press release here. Excerpt:

'WASHINGTON / February 3, 2021 – A new report released today addresses the growing influence of guilt-presuming “victim-centered” concepts in criminal proceedings. Titled, “Defending Against ‘Victim-Centered’ Proceedings: Guide for Criminal Defense Attorneys,” the report features strategies and verbatim statements to counter bias during each stage of the legal process:

- Voir Dire
- Opening Statement
- Cross Examination: Complainant
- Cross Examination: Investigator
- Cross Examination: Prosecution Expert Witness
- Closing Argument

“Victim-centered” approaches, also known as “trauma-informed” or “Start By Believing,” are gaining wider acceptance among police officers, prosecutors, and even judges in sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse cases:

Investigative bias by police officers has been linked to 35% of all wrongful convictions (1). But the International Association of Chiefs of Police makes the claim that “Victim-centered, trauma-informed approaches to crime can support victim recovery and engagement with the criminal justice system.” (2)'

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