New law targets abusive litigation by domestic violence perpetrators

Article here. Excerpt:

'Some domestic violence survivors say they face abuse in the courts, even long after they’ve severed ties with their partner. A new Washington law, which took effect Jan. 1, seeks to stop what’s known as “abusive litigation.”

Catherine West is an attorney with the advocacy group Legal Voice. She said a survivor of domestic violence can be continually dragged into court by an ex-partner, ostensibly to challenge a protection order or child custody agreement. But, West said, the real purpose is often just to get the survivor in the courtroom.

“They have to confront their former partner. It’s really a way of continuing to exert control,” West said.

She said the law won't keep people from being able to access the courts. She said it only rises to the level of abusive litigation if a person, say, repeatedly files motions in different courts or in front of different judges to try and get an additional hearing after a judge has already ruled on a set of facts.
The law gives judges the discretion to determine if filings by a domestic violence perpetrator against a former partner amount to abusive litigation.'

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The MRM I don't think ever has claimed that women who claim abuse are lying. What it has claimed though is that some number of those claims are false and further that courts are in a hurry to side with women who claim abuse. It also claims courts are just as likely to ignore or dismiss men's claims of abuse.

Undoubtedly there are circumstances where this law is necessary. But the question is: can you in today's culture rely on a judge to decide fairly when to apply it?

I might be inclined to imagine a panel of 3 judges would be a safer bet. Still...

This law may be a good defensive tool vs. legal system abuse indeed. Then again it may be another tool in the toolbox of feminist DV advocates who presume men guilty regardless of facts and who indeed "believe the victim" even when the "victim" may be thoroughly un-believable.

It's in the way that you use it.

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