Nigeria: Attributes High Rate Of Paternity Fraud To Abandonment-Official

Article here. Excerpt:

'Dr Helen Obi, Vice Chairperson, Federation of International Women Lawyers (FIDA) Anambra chapter, has described alleged high rate of paternity fraud to the abuse and abandonment women experience in marriages.

Obi, an expert in Family Law, spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Awka on Tuesday.

She said that the cause of paternity fraud would be largely attributed to high level of abuse, abandonment and second class treatment most women endured in their various marriages.

Obi said that the feeling of women not being in charge of affairs in their marriages had led many women to seek comfort and closure outside their marriages.

“Women most times do not want to get divorce but only in extreme cases where their lives are endangered,” she said.'

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... that nymphotropism knows few if any bounds. At what point ultimately is a woman responsible for her own misdeeds? Answer: She isn't, apparently.

Why do men still get married? I don't get it. The older I get the more it amazes me. I was married once for 8 years and it ended quite amicably. However there were no children or joint property involved. So not much to fight or argue over. Some guys are lucky in the way their marriages end. Others, not so much. I wouldn't want to be in the "not so much" camp. As to marrying again... doubt I'll be doing that any time soon. The deal men get in marriage just seems to be getting worse and worse as time goes on. It passed the point of "unadvisable" awhile ago. How I'd typify it now, I dunno. Maybe just say: don't do it, laddie.

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