'I was appalled to be tarred as misogynist': Variety critic hits back at Carey Mulligan's sexism accusations

Article here. Excerpt:

'Dennis Harvey, the veteran film critic whose review of Promising Young Woman has sparked a furore across the industry, has hit back at accusations of misogyny amid calls for Variety to fire him.

Harvey’s review was published more than a year ago, following the film’s premiere at the Sundance film festival. Largely positive, it called Mulligan’s performance “skilful, entertaining and challenging” while also querying the central casting. While “a fine actress”, wrote Harvey, Mulligan “seems a bit of an odd choice as this admittedly many-layered apparent femme fatale”.
Speaking to the Guardian, Harvey said he was ill at ease with the way in which Mulligan’s words to the New York Times describing her anger at the review had become received wisdom as to what his review actually said. “I did not say or even mean to imply Mulligan is ‘not hot enough’ for the role,” Harvey said.

“I’m a 60-year-old gay man. I don’t actually go around dwelling on the comparative hotnesses of young actresses, let alone writing about that.”'

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