New White House Gender Policy Council Discriminates against Boys and Men

Article here. Well just what does one expect from VAWA Joe? Excerpt:

'When President Biden and Vice President Harris announced the formation of a White House Gender Policy Council, many women and men who care deeply about boys and men became rightly concerned. The call for unity and the Gender Council’s agenda would ironically exclude the rights of boys and men. The new council will “guide and coordinate government policy that impacts women and girls, across a wide range of issues such as economic security, health care, racial justice, gender-based violence, and foreign policy, working in cooperation with the other White House policy," according to a press release.

Boys and men continue to lead the nation as victims of COVID deaths, suicide deaths, homelessness, violent crime deaths, violent crime victimization, opioid deaths, gun deaths, incarcerations, and a number of other health and mental health issues. They are behind in education on all levels. We can no longer ignore our boys and men who are often forgotten about in policy actions that discriminate on the basis of sex.

As the President of the Global Initiative for Boys & Men, I am calling on all of us to insist our leaders and government policies protect all boys, girls, men, and women. Democracies do not pick and choose who deserves equal protection under the law. Democracies ensure all people have equal protection under the law.'

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