Fury at new app that gives men ’24-hour consent contract’ to have sex after Denmark passed controversial rape law

Article here. Not even explicit, recorded consent is good enough. Basically, such laws serve only to give women the power to claim they were raped without having to provide any evidence to support the allegation. Excerpt:

'A NEW app that gives men a "24 hour consent contract" to have sex has sparked fury.

The launch comes in response to a new rape law, which criminalises sex without explicit consent in Denmark.

The creators argue the purpose of the app, iConsent, is to ensure both parties agree to intercourse.

But groups have slammed the app as "non-sensical" and say it undermines the complexity of consent.

The national head of Sex and Society, Lene Stavngaard, said: "The app is definitely not the solution to getting consent.

"A sexual relationship is not about a contract, so it shoots completely wrong in relation to the needs that are out there.'

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