Orem human resources develops scholarship for female employees

Article here. Excerpt:

'Data from a recent Utah State University study in the Utah Women in Leadership Project shows Utah profoundly lacking when it comes to women in leadership roles in the government workplace.

The studies date shows that women hold only 29.1% of supervisory, managerial and executive leadership positions in municipal government in Utah.

In Orem, it is only 17.9%, and that has people like Keri Rugg, manager of Human Resources for the city, sit up and take notice.

Inclusivity is an important part of employee and city goals Rugg said, but up until now, there has been nothing to help women move forward in leadership.

“As a city, we noticed women can’t compete,” Rugg said.

For that reason, the city has developed Orem Women in Leadership Scholarship, according to Rugg. The scholarships will range for $500 to $5,000 and will pay for women to further their education up front.'

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