‘Promising Young Woman’ is a #MeToo revenge fantasy that is galling for its unashamed hatred of men, but glorious for its artistry

Article here. Excerpt:

'The new Carey Mulligan movie is sure to garner Oscar nominations because it’s never a bad time in Hollywood to hate men. Despite its pernicious cultural politics, it’s extremely entertaining.
Sometimes a movie says something you intensely dislike, but they say it so well you have to tip your cap. A case in point is the darkly comedic #MeToo revenge fantasy ‘Promising Young Woman’, available on various streaming services.

The film, written and directed by Emerald Fennell, tells the story of Cassie (Carey Mulligan), a med-school dropout consumed with grief and anger over her best friend’s rape and death.

In search of cathartic revenge, Cassie spends her time trolling bars pretending to be drunk to the point of incapacitation so that predatory men will attempt to prey upon her. Once they try to take full advantage of her, she transforms to reveal herself to be a sober social vigilante, shaming men for their repulsive behavior towards women.

Not surprisingly considering the subject matter, ‘Promising Young Woman’ seethes with vicious misandry that is as disturbing as it is relentless. The film is an unabashed girl-power polemic and propaganda piece that espouses the imaginary boogeyman of a pervasive ‘rape culture’ that has only ever existed in the warped minds of Women’s Studies majors and feminist fanatics.'

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