SAVE: Last Call to Sign our Petition to End Biased 'Victim-Centered' Methods

From SAVE:

"Victim-centered" has become a new buzz-word on college campuses and in the criminal justice system. After all, what sane person wouldn't want to support an investigative method that seemingly cares about "victims"?

Which is exactly why biased, guilt-presuming 'victim-centered' ideology represents such a threat to justice.

Recently a New York state court issued a decision suggesting that investigator Chantelle Cleary -- pictured on the right -- "doctored" the complainant's statements so the alleged incident fall with the university's definition of sexual assault.

The judge wrote,

“Cleary’s phrasing portrays a significantly different rendering of the event…..It is not unreasonable to question whether Cleary changed the wording (and as such the alleged facts) to correspond with the definition of sexual assault I as found in the student code.”

SAVE is currently sponsoring an online petition to end such "victim-centered" methods. The petition currently has over 3,700 signers. We will soon be sharing the petition to members of Congress, so consider this your LAST CALL!

Here's where you can sign up:

The SAVE Team

P.S. We have compiled a useful summary about "victim-centered" methods here:

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