Should the CTA adopt women-only transit? Interviews with Chicago women suggest yes

Article here. Excerpt:

'In many cities around the world, design strategies and transportation options have been implemented in an effort to ensure women’s safety and comfort on public transportation. A common tactic is women-only transportation. Women-only transit services are most popular in Asian countries, but also exist in South America, Africa, and Europe. Mexico City is the only North American city to offer women-only transit options.
Out of the seven women interviewed, six said they would support women-only transit on the CTA. Only one interviewee was against the idea, citing taxpayer costs and the need for other improvements to the system that she saw as higher priorities. However, the same respondent said she would use women-only train cars or sections in “extreme cases.” This respondent also noted that women-only transit could help other women, even if it wouldn’t be effective in increasing her own feelings of safety during daytime commutes.'

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... not an issue also for men on public transit.

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. . . won't eliminate all of the dangers women face while commuting. However, it will eliminate the overwhelming majority of those who would come to a woman's aid when in danger.

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