Council is slammed for 'ridiculous and historical wokery' over plans to remove a statue of a British war hero

Article here. Excerpt:

'Exeter City Council set up a task group after the Black Lives Matter protests to decide whether a statue of General Sir Redvers Buller should be moved from its prominent position in the city.

The review stated the statue had attracted public debate in part due to references to colonial campaigns on its plinth which 'sought to advance British imperialist interests in other countries'.

An equality impact assessment carried out as part of the review also concluded the statue would impact anybody who 'does not define themselves in binary gender terms'.

It read: 'The General Buller statue represents the patriarchal structures of empire and colonialism which impact negatively on women and anyone who does not define themselves in binary gender terms.

'The consultation will need to ensure that the views of women, transgender and non-binary people are captured and given due weight.''

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