The Warped Morality Of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

Article here. Nice to see someone make a few points about this movie, particularly the purloining of a man's body to use sexually. Excerpt:

'Hence, when Diana makes her wish, the resurrection of Steve is the only desire she has (and to be fair, the rest of her life is incredibly privileged and meaningful - what else could she possibly want?). But when Steve is ripped from Heaven’s womb, his soul is placed into the body of … some random guy. A living stranger, whose consciousness simply disappears the moment his body is possessed by the former WWI soldier.

Naturally, Diana is surprised to see him return - but she doesn’t seem concerned with the fate of the stranger - not even a little bit. She simply doesn’t care. In fact, she has sex with Steve, using this man’s body like a silicone sex doll.
The two seem more disturbed by the artificiality of Steve’s return, rather than the non-consensual use of another human’s body for sex (not to mention, the life-threatening circumstances Steve often finds himself in).

Can you imagine if Superman did this? Used a random woman’s body for his own pleasure, to bring back Lois Lane, or whatever? The fact that Wonder Woman, supposedly a pure-hearted, almost childlike figure of virtue, doesn’t have an issue with this at all, is deeply strange, to say the least.'

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