Anti-Sexual Harassment Group Time’s Up Developing App for Women to Address Male Microagressions in Workplace

Article here. Excerpt:

'Coming soon to a workplace near you is a mobile app that will allow women to address male microagressions in the office. The British arm of Hollywood’s Time’s Up movement is reportedly developing an app that will educate women on workplace microaggressions and give them the resources to take action. Microaggressions are small social wrongs and slights that are perceived as overt acts of hostility by victim groups.

Time’s Up U.K. chair Heather Rabbatts told Variety that once the entertainment industry “resets” following the coronavirus pandemic, it won’t go back to the old way of doing things. “We want to build it in a way that speaks to our values and aspirations,” she said, which include a greater focus on intersectionality — the left-wing academic theory that people exist on “intersections” of oppression based on characteristics such as gender and race.

The mobile app will be one way to achieve that goal, she said. The app will reportedly educate women on what microaggressions are, and will also provide resources for support. While the app is expected to be used within the film and TV industries at first, it will also apply to industries beyond those, Variety reported.

“If you have a culture where microaggression is apparent, then that contributes to a culture of silence and being complicit when there is harassment and bullying going on,” Rabbatts told the trade publication. “If you don’t tackle microaggression, then you can’t tackle harassment and bullying.”'

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If you don't have at least 10 microaggressions/day logged vs. you by women you work with, you're not making your quota.

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. . . just some petty miserable spinsters' way to get women even more pissed off at men over completely benign behaviors and screw up the men's lives over it. What an age to be male!

Amazing how women feel that their view of everything is correct, and everyone else must be oppressing them for asking them to consider an alternate point of view, especially if said point of view contradicts their victim status. They're really grasping at straws now.

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