"Trump Is Leaving, but the Revenge of Men Continues"

Article here. Excerpt:

'When President Donald Trump phoned Georgia’s secretary of state, commanding him to “find” enough votes to overturn the state’s election results, he quite likely broke the laws of this country. However, to at least one defender, the leaked call constituted an even more serious crime: a violation of the Bro Code.

“A man does not release a private conversation he has with anyone. That’s part of being a man,” wrote right-wing radio host Jesse Kelly in a much-mocked viral tweet. “Democrat, Republican, Trump, anti-Trump, none of that matters. You don’t repeat things said to you privately. That’s simple man code.”

First of all: No, it isn’t. There’s nothing particularly feminine about whistleblowing, or they wouldn’t hire Russell Crowe for the movies about it. Yet, in the dying days of Trump’s presidency, it’s somehow not surprising to see a leaked call framed as a betrayal of manhood itself. Trump was always a signifier, an attempt to take the country back for toxic white masculinity. Right-wing men’s continued insistence that fealty to Trump is an essential component of their masculinity serves as a reminder that even when he’s gone, that quest will continue.'

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... injured my internal organs stifling laughter as I read this.

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Suffered irrepairable brain damage reading the comments. Although one comment caught my eye
"Has anyone else noticed that most of the self-appointed experts on men are women?"

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Articles like this really give you a peek into the bubble in which feminists dwell. It's basically gotten to the point that anyone who is against government tyranny and appropriation of men's wealth to give to women is considered being as horrible as Hitler himself. "Worship me, don't question me, and give me everything I want!"

[s]Wow. With most democrats displaying that kind of attitude, I have no idea how Trump could have so many supporters. [/s]

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