Book review: Do we need white men? The surprising answer

Article here. Excerpt:

'This year, you are going to roar.

You're going to seize every opportunity, wrestle every bad habit to the ground, and do better than your best. You're gonna kick the universe in the tail. This is absolutely going to be your year – unless, as in the new book “Mediocre: The Dangerous Legacy of White Male America” by Ijeoma Oluo, someone's standing in your way, now and for a hundred years.

In addition to a quiet setting and uninterrupted time to write, on a recent retreat for women, Oluo noticed that when socializing, most of the attendees talked about men – but not the boyfriend-husband-partner men. They discussed bad “dudes,” particularly the white ones that largely controlled publishing. That conversation morphed into bad men, white men in general, that are “found just about everywhere ...”
We see white male privilege all over politics, from the top down and especially in political arenas where white supremacy exists. It's been on college campuses and in places of higher education where Black people were historically denied entrance. It's in the workplace, where Black women continue to make far less money than their white male counterparts.

White male privilege exists today in economics, pro sports, in language, in an ignorance of history and the contributions of Black men and women, and in entertainment. It's a “very dark place,” Oluo writes, and there are things every American can do about it – starting with two: an acknowledgment that we need white men, and an admission to our complicity in this terrible, untenable legacy.'

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... Nazi anti-Jew propaganda then replaced "Jews" for "white men". Non-white men are probably breathing a sigh of relief in that they don't appear to be getting singled out, but guys, don't let the book title fool you. Feminists will be coming for you, too, once white men are sufficiently demonized. After all, to maintain the necessary level of rage for action, there must always be an out group, an enemy to fight against. The Nazis knew this. Once they killed off some pop'n of Jews in an area, they then went after some other ethnic or social minority group, Romani (aka Gypsies) being just one of them.

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