False accusations of rape and kidnapping leave man struggling to clear his name

Article here. Excerpt:

'All charges against an Owasso man accused of sexually assaulting his ex-wife were dropped by request of the state after she recanted.

Unfortunately for Russell Deming, the fallout of that false accusation continue to impact his life years later.

Charged with one count of rape in the first degree and one count of kidnapping in December of 2017, he managed to post a $150,000 bond with the help of friends, and got out of jail after about ten days.

By March, it appeared the state’s case - based solely, he says, on her statement to Owasso police - had fallen apart.

KRMG has obtained a copy of a notarized letter from Deming’s accuser, in which she writes: “I believe the entire incident was a mistake, and that Mr. Deming did not commit any crime against me. Therefore, I do not wish to prosecute Mr. Deming, nor participate in his prosecution.”

In the intervening years, Deming has tried to restore his reputation, but told KRMG at the end of 2020, that struggle continues.'

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