Here it is, dads: your 2021 New Year's resolution

Article here. Before reading it, I already knew what it would say. It's like Michelle O's "do better" admonition all over again. I suppose we'll see Hell freeze over before we see an MSM op-ed tell women or mothers to "do better". Excerpt:

'Dads, next year, you should do your fair share of the child care, domestic work and emotional labor in your homes.
So, in 2021, it's long past time for dads to share these burdens equally with their female partners.

But they're not the only ones who need to change.

Employers also bear a significant part of the responsibility for this inequality. Lockman notes that "the gender wage gap is really a motherhood gap. Women without children earn just barely less than men." But because the labor market pays a premium to people who perform so-called "overwork," which means working more than 50 hours per week, many dads end up significantly outearning moms. who often can't put in that kind of time at work.

If more employers were to recognize that both men and women need reasonable hours so they can care for their families and offer gender-neutral policies to support working parents -- like parental leave when babies are born and flexible schedules -- then dads would have an easier time doing their fair share of at-home labor.'

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I wonder if they realize how narcissistic articles like this sound.

A man and woman living together often have a different idea of what clean is. Men, since they are not coddled and sheltered like women, tend to be okay with things not being meticulously clean as if royalty were about to come visit any second. They also don't feel cleaning needs to happen every day or every other day, but perhaps once every week or two. Women, on the other hand, tend to have very high and impractical standards for what clean is. Then, since they are usually pandered to, they believe that their way is the correct way, and how dare men not rearrange heaven and earth and their view of the world, as well as waste efforts that would be better spent elsewhere to make sure that the floor absolutely sparkles instead of just getting rid of the stains.

What it comes down to is women believing that in something subjective like cleaning and household labor, their view is the absolute God's truth and men need to adopt it or bear their endless complaining.

What a lovely ad for marriage, eh?

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... when it comes to these kinds of things, the sexes'll never be on the same page. Cohabitation doesn't come naturally to most ppl and no one should be shamed for rejecting it.

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If men are expected to do half the housework, women should be expected to make half the income. If the man makes 100,000 a year, the woman must make 100,000 a year. But, alas, often that is not the case. We know why: women are simply too lazy to keep up their end of the bargain. They're simply unwilling to put in the effort necessary to match the man's income.

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