Canada Stimulus Package: Second Stimulus Checks Plus A Dose Of Sexism

Article here. Excerpt:

'The stimulus includes continued support for parents with young children. A close read of the Canada Revenue Agency policy on qualifying for the Canadian Child Benefit, however, reveals anachronistic language that harbors a subtle dose of sexism.
What follows is an outmoded perpetuation of gender stereotypes. Canada’s policy states that “when both a female and male parent live in the same home as the child, the female parent is usually considered to be primarily responsible for the care and upbringing of the child. She should be the one applying for the CCB.” Surprised? So was I. One would expect more gender-neutral language from a government spearheaded by a progressive like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

One could forgive this assumption if there was an easy path for a man to apply as the primary caregiver. Indeed, the government does manage to entertain the possibility that a man could be the primary caregiver, but needlessly adds friction to the process for a male parent to apply. “However, if the male parent is primarily responsible, he should apply and attach a signed letter from the female parent stating that he is the parent who is primarily responsible for all the children in the home,” the government states.'

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