Why Joe Biden Needs to Nominate Women to Lead VA and the Defense Department

Article here. Excerpt:

'With men making up the majority of the military, women sometimes feel the burden of being less supported. They feel the need to work harder to be accepted. Their feelings and emotions may not be fully understood when going through difficult situations. This makes their career in service more challenging to navigate.

A female leader could help create better, more equal standards for physical training and individual performance. She could have insights on new, sensible processes, procedures and policies related to women in the service. A thorough review of the military justice system and protocols to ensure those who commit crimes are punished could become more realistic. Providing additional emotional and peer-support resources to women in the military, both at home and overseas is critical to their wellbeing. Having a woman leader could help increase overall respect for women serving across government, and in the private sector. And, as DoD is the largest government agency, it would reinforce the message that women are capable of leading anywhere -- as Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris also illustrates.'

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