UN Women Report Lists Men’s Day Out As ‘Sexist Organisations Spreading Misogynistic Narratives’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Men’s Day Out makes it to a recent report published by the United Nations (UN Women), where a study which looked at data from South and South East Asia, found that between March and June 2020 – when most of these regions were under COVID-19 lockdowns – the volume and interest in misogynistic online content increased manifold, by as much as 168%.
The report pointed out that a majority of the tweets propagating misogynistic narratives came from India, which attempted to discredit the rampant violence, repression and discrimination against women. The volume of searches for misogynistic profanity and narratives increased, along with searches for terms like “incel”, “men going their own way” and “men’s rights”, it said.

To begin with, we would have routed our response through UN Men, sadly that does not exist in an unequal world of Gender Equality! We shall not get into questioning if there is a similar report done showcasing the utter sexist and male hating social media posts floated against men. We do not believe in ‘an eye for an eye’, but nonetheless you can click on the link to refer to some of them.

The response is only restricted to our portal Men’s Day Out and we would like to counter various generic statements passed off as misogyny.

We have nearly 1000+ articles on our portal, and not one article will suggest that women do not undergo domestic violence or other sufferings. We strongly object to the statement “discredit the rampant violence, repression and discrimination against women”.'

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