They cheat, walk out on you or just want sex – why we hate men

Article here. Excerpt:

'“I’LL admit it: I hate men. All of them really! Yes, the whole lot of them.”

Those were the words of French blogger Pauline Harmange, 25, in her provocative online essay, I Hate Men, which was published this year.

Needless to say, she received a torrent of online abuse. Harmange argues that men beat, rape and kill women. Men don’t listen.

Men don’t do enough housework. Men don’t care about their partners’ sexual satisfaction. The list goes on.

Her book of the same title is published in the UK tomorrow, and her blunt words, while controversial, are starting to gather support from some women who agree that men can be awful.

Three women tell Samantha Brick why the opposite sex has them seething.'

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... to Pauline et al. that they go gay. They'll undoubtedly be soooo much happier w/ a fellow woman.

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All I can say is, I hope these shallow people do give up on men. Trashy girl locker-room talk.

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