Appeals court rejects suit from Drake student expelled for sexual assault

Article here. Excerpt:

'A former Drake University student expelled for sexual assault failed to convince a federal appeals court the school was biased against him because he is a man.

Thomas Rossley Jr. was expelled a month before he would have graduated in the spring of 2016. A female student told authorities she accompanied Rossley to his fraternity house, blacked out and woke up on a beanbag chair to find Rossley having sex with her.

She filed a sexual assault claim the next morning, but Rossley was never charged with a crime.

Rossley sued the university after his expulsion, accusing them of failing to investigate his claim that the female student sexually assaulted him, and that the school failed to accommodate his learning disability during the hearing process.'


Former Drake student appeals sex assault lawsuit arguing he was treated unfairly

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According to Title IX, if either party is intoxicated, they are unable to consent. Therefore, by that logic, the woman who filed the complaint should also be expelled. But of course, women are so equal to men they're more equal than men, so that will never happen.

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