Duke professor blames white men for white female professors impersonating women of color

Article here. Excerpt:

'There’s really nothing in this world the regressive left won’t blame on white men. Not even white women passing themselves off as black, Hispanic or American Indian (ahem).

The latest Caucasian outed as something she’s allegedly not – the Mexican-political identity “Chicana” – is Kelly Kean Sharp of Furman University in South Carolina.
Duke University cultural anthropologist Christine Folch, who also weighed in on the Jessica Krug outing at George Washington University, told the publication that the absence of white men pulling these stunts shows their privilege:

“And at the root I think what we see is a competition for scarce resources on the part of those who are not the hegemonic ideal in academia, which remains white male.”

In other words, she said, there’s a competition for inclusion among the historically excluded in academe. And “strategic use and appropriation of brownness” becomes a way to “accumulate more power, more legitimacy, grants, coolness points.”
Two things are clear from this saga, however: Intersectionality continues to dominate the academy, regardless of how arbitrary the distinctions are. And white males will always be blamed for everyone else’s difficulties.'

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I dunno what's worse: being accused of oppressing women/minorities or being told that I don't do so.

It's like being a lion. Lions hunt and kill gazelles. They are on this Earth it seems to do just that. No one likes how lions hunt and kill those gazelles who did nothing to deserve being preyed upon.

And yet, it is in a lion's nature to hunt and kill gazelles -- and other beasts, including us humans when they get hungry enough.

If you met a vegan lion, would you say he or she is a rare and special lion or would you say that such is not much of a lion? Ever see a cat play with a mouse in a kind of friendly way? They say such a cat is pretty "useless".

Likewise if I'm not doing my part to oppress women and minorities every day, I feel like I'm slacking off. Like I'm letting down my fellow white males, esp. the heterosexual ones. I feel like a lion who is slow to chase gazelles and reluctant to catch and kill them.

Gosh darn it, if I'm not oppressing women and minorities daily, just what AM I on this Earth to do?

Arguably by being the quintessential DOWNPRESSORMAN I give those I oppress something to live for: they live to resist me, to overcome me, to one day stand over my dead body like the flag of Virginia, shouting SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS: "Thus always to tyrants" - death!

Instead by refraining from oppressing women and minorities I feel I not only let down my fellow white guys but I let down the oppressees too. They NEED me to oppress them so they can feel alive. So they can claim their power and fighting spirit.

Well that settles it. I have a duty, an obligation, to my fellow white men and to the women and minorities around me. And by God, Imma not gonna slack at it!

My epitaph will read: VENI, VIDI, OPPRESSI: I came, I saw, I oppressed.

I now know how I will spend the latter half of my life: full-bore oppression.

Time to get busy. I got peoples to oppress and shit.

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