Canada: No boys allowed: High school students start their own all-girl robotics club

Article here. Excerpt:

'Cyanea Zheng and Isabella Wehner were excited to join their high school’s robotics club last year, but not so excited to discover they would be asked to send out funding applications instead of building robots.

So the Grade 12 Templeton Secondary students, both 17, decided to start their own club, and formed Puddle Jumper Robotics, the only all-girls team in B.C. and the first such team to compete in the international FIRST Robotics Competition in the spring.

Zheng and Wehner are among the 11 members of the Puddle Jumpers, which exists separately from the school’s 40-member male team called Vancouver Rainstorm, against whom they will compete.

“When I first joined (the school’s Vancouver Rainstorm), there were 40 males and I was asked to do the emailing and writing (of fundraising and grant applications), stereotypically things that were done by women, I guess,” said Zheng. “It was the girls who were doing most of the fundraising.”'

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