If Utah’s high school girls can’t play football, then boys shouldn’t either, says plaintiff

Article here. Excerpt:

'A former player in the Utah Girls Tackle Football League said she would welcome the cancellation of football for boys if the bench trial alleging two school districts and the Utah High School Activities Association are violating Title IX does not lead to the addition of girls' football in the state.

Dalainee Robison, a senior at Kearns High and a plaintiff in the lawsuit, gave her opinion Monday when UHSAA lawyer Craig Parry asked if she would want football to be eliminated altogether should she and other plaintiffs lose the case. Robinson’s reason for saying football should be eliminated altogether was because “it isn’t fair,” she said.

Robison, who said she did not play tackle football this year due to a back injury, stopped short of condoning the elimination of all boys' sports should girls' tackle football not be provided as a result of the lawsuit.'

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