UK: Gavin Williamson vows to correct 'shocking' lack of white working class boys at universities

Article here. Excerpt:

'Gavin Williamson today vowed to correct the 'shocking disgrace' of so few working class white boys attending university'.

Speaking at the Conservatives' virtual conference the Education Secretary said it was a priority to make opportunity as evenly distributed as talent - in a question and answer session with one of his former teachers.
And he also took aim at alleged indoctrination of pupils by their teachers, warning that classrooms had to be politically neutral territory.

In the conference fringe event, broadcast online, Mr Williamson said: 'White working class young boys are the most underrepresented group of individuals who go on to university.

'To me that is a shocking disgrace. It is wrong. It's got to be corrected.

'We are going to correct that because - as the Prime Minister has said many many times - talent is incredibly evenly distributed right across the country. Opportunity is not.''

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