I Hate Men book opens new front in gender wars

Article here. Excerpt:

'A book that caused outrage in France with its claim that women have a right to dislike men is to be released in Britain.

I Hate Men, by Pauline Harmange, was described as an “ode to misandry” by a French government adviser who tried to have it banned.

Now it has been chosen for translation. Its British publisher said yesterday that it was a “reminder of the crucial importance of freedom of speech and the right to offend”. Anna Kelly, the editorial director of Fourth Estate, said the book, due to be released in the UK in November, “will inspire both hope and rage — and will breathe fire into a vital ongoing cultural conversation”.'

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IMO, no new front opened here. Just same old same old assault on men as a class by feminists. Where's the "new front"?

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