Amy Coney Barrett, potential Supreme Court nominee, wrote influential ruling on campus sexual assault

Article here. Excerpt:

'Amy Coney Barrett, a leading contender for the Supreme Court seat held by the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, wrote an influential appellate decision last year that made it easier for students accused of sexual assault to challenge universities’ handling of their cases.

Barrett led a three-woman panel of judges that said Purdue University may have discriminated against a male student accused of sexual assault when it suspended him for a year, a punishment that cost him his spot in the Navy ROTC program.

“The person who is accused has a right to defend herself or himself, and we certainly should not lose sight of that,” she said. “Recognizing that these are complaints that should be heard. There’s been criticism of some college codes of conduct for not giving the accused person a fair opportunity to be heard, and that’s one of the basic tenets of our system, as you know, everyone deserves a fair hearing.”

Ginsburg added that she thought some of those criticisms of college codes were valid.'

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Any intelligent person should support fair due process, but I think mothers of sons (particularly brown skin sons) are really going to have some passion about this issue. 

People make fun of Educational Secretary Betsy Devos but she took the time to interview the men and their families that have been impacted by the kangaroo college courts. Between Devos and Barrett - it could be a one-two punch to put things back in fair legal standing when it come to college student claims of sexual assault.  

And remember Joe Biden wants to be the white night, who "stands with women" and has promised to undo any work the Trump team accomplishes on this.Devos and Trump are also supporters of homeschooling and school choice which will give all parents more educational choices and will have a positive impact on the poor communities so they can send their kids to better schools.

* did I mention that Barret has 2 adopted children who are dark skinned from Africa? (cant remember if they are boys or girls)

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She sounds like a real stand-up lady! I hope she gets it.

I think Judge Judy would also make a great SCOTUS judge. I know it may sound silly, but she is very fair-minded, especially when it comes to family matters. On her show, I've seen her rip a strip out of women who tried to use false accusations to defame men or tried to treat them like they have less parental rights. It would also be kind of cool because she and Trump would have something in common-they would both be former reality tv hosts.

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