Boys being groomed online to hate women, British author warns

Article here. Excerpt:

'Young men and boys are being radicalised into hating women, the British author behind the Everyday Sexism Project has warned, saying online groups are targeting boys as young as 11.

Laura Bates, an author and campaigner best known for setting up an open archive that allowed women to report their everyday experiences of sexism, said she had become aware of the scale of the problem while visiting schools to talk about women's rights.

Over the last couple of years, she said, she noticed a major increase in school-age British boys expressing ideas and using language she had seen on radical online hate groups.

"They were parroting verbatim the same myths and misconceptions in schools across the country," Bates, whose new book, "Men who Hate Women", was published on Thursday, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in an interview.

"They were quoting the same figures, they were giving the same false statistics."

Bates said her research showed teenage boys were being "very deliberately groomed and targeted by these groups" using memes, jokes and clickbait videos, with one group's manifesto saying boys as young as 11 should be targeted.'

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... it's called "empowerment", etc. When MRAs do so it's spreading hate, even if all we do is dissent from the feminist line.

And yes, feminism HAS gone too far.

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