University of Oklahoma removes wall of retired faculty because it only includes 'white male faces'

Article here. Excerpt:

'The University of Oklahoma Department of Political science has decided to remove and relocate a wall showcasing "retired members" of the department because it only includes "white male faces."

In an open statement addressing the racial turmoil around the United States, the University of Oklahoma Department of Political Science unveiled eight changes it believes will address racial inequalities within the Department, including the removal of the wall portraits of "retired members" of the department, noting that they only include "white male faces."

The statement, written by Department Chair Scott Robinson and signed by 32 members of the department, specifically addresses the ideas of criminal justice reform, social inequalities, and police brutality. Robinson acknowledges that the political science department has never spoken out on current socio-political issues before, but feels it is necessary to “speak for myself (and invite others to join me)”.'

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