Male suicide is at a 20-year high. Given that the world hates us, is anyone surprised?

Article here. Excerpt:

'New official records reveal men in the UK are killing themselves at record levels and at a rate three times higher than women. Waging a war against straight, white males and calling masculinity “toxic” isn’t helping.
Increasingly, men would rather die than live in the modern world.

That’s not melodrama, overstatement or embellishment on my part – it’s a cold, hard, depressing fact.
Even if this were partly true, it fails to acknowledge the much bigger factor in men’s deaths: the constant, nagging anti-male sentiment that now dominates modern culture, everywhere from classrooms to courthouses.

After all, there is no demographic more despised than men. Forget ISIS militants and convicted sex offenders, it’s ‘cis’ men who are public enemy number one.

If you’re male, you’re the enemy. But if you’re female, you’re the future.

This is the narrative that’s been building steadily over the past few decades. And it’s no coincidence that male suicide has grown alongside it.'

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