The Trump Administration’s New Regulations On Campus Sexual Assault Have Just Taken Effect. What Will Biden Do About That If Elected?

Article here. Excerpt:

'While the Trump administration has been awful about following the Administrative Procedure Act (and, as a result, has had many of its policies struck down by the courts) it has been far better than the Obama administration concerning Title IX. It revoked the OCR letters and, as of last Friday, replaced them with a detailed set of rules that were subject to vigorous public comment. Substantively, while imperfect, they are a vast improvement.

Most importantly, the new rules give accused students the right to a hearing. This has long been considered the bare minimum that due process requires before accused students are seriously punished. But the Obama administration had insisted that a hearing might discourage sexual assault victims from coming forward. It pushed an inquisitorial model, where one investigator could decide which witnesses to interview, what to ask them, and how to weigh the evidence. That person could decide guilt or innocence and expel a student as a sex offender without the student having any real idea of what the evidence against him was.'

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... more what Kamala will do. It takes years to get regs changed even for POTUS. By the time we get to that point, Biden'll have resigned and Kamala will be in the WH.

Of course she'll roll back the changes to the Obama era standards of guilty even when proven innocent.

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