Leaked Docs Show US Gov Nuclear Facility Held ‘3-Day Reeducation Camps’ For White Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'A federal lab reportedly hosted a three-day mandatory training for its white male executives where they were instructed to apologize for their privilege, along with other tasks such as acknowledging the connection between “white male culture” and mass killings, per leaked documents reported by Christopher Rufo.
A ticket to the event is $3,000. It purports to teach participants to “recognize themselves as individuals and as members of the white male group” and “gain a systematic perspective and understanding of the costs of racism, sexism, heterosexism, oppression and unexamined privilege.”
White male culture is reportedly characterized as “rugged individualism,” “a can-do attitude,” “hard work” and “striving towards success” — all of which are “devastating” to women and people of color.

The men then reportedly apologize for their “privilege” and pledge to become “better [allies].”'

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