"Boys enjoy educational advantages despite being less engaged in school than girls"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Girls are more engaged in school than boys, and that is a big reason girls (and women) tend to do better educationally. But rather than thinking of engagement as an educational advantage, we might better consider it as protective to girls, who confront many other disadvantages in school and life.

This is the takeaway of a research brief I recently published in the journal Educational Researcher. Nationally, girls do better than boys on reading tests but trail boys on math tests. I analyzed nationally representative data on boys’ and girls’ fifth-grade reading and math test scores and reports of their classroom behavioral engagement throughout elementary school. I found that if there were no gender differences in behavioral engagement patterns through elementary school, fifth-grade reading test score gaps could reverse and math test score gaps could triple in size.'

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... while boys get str8 Fs by the truckload and some dork'll still say girls are "disadvantaged".

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"That means focusing simply on increasing boys’ behavioral engagement in school overlooks unaddressed needs of girls"

This jerk completely ignores the massive and growing inequity in educational outcomes between boys and girls. He sees it , but ignores it. The he suggests that doing something to address the poor educational outcomes for boys, overlooks unaddressed needs of girls? His logical thought processes are completely flawed. Clearly his academic learning is based in the cognitive powers of a feminist drone.

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. . . , this is nothing new.

When I was in university, we read an article similar to this that scoffed at the boy crisis in education, and concluded that boys fare worse than girls because they don't work as hard and tend to have more extracurriculars. It was demonstrably false, lazy speculation. The article even had the nerve to claim that when girls were doing worse than boys, nothing was done to help them, and the gender gap was ignored until it was boys who were behind. Having previously researched how anti-male stereotypes negatively impact students, I was all too happy to point out that was a lie. In fact, for the past forty or fifty years, they not only put in measures to help girls, but usually in ways that negatively impacted boys as well. For instance, every positive situation in a textbook would show a girl (i.e. winning an award) while every negative situation would show a boy (i.e. not following the teacher's instructions and causing a dangerous chemical reaction).

Feminists are so blind to male suffering, I can't help but wonder how long until they make some asinine claim like "boys are advantaged, despite not having choice regarding bodily autonomy" or something as equally specious as the title of this article.

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