Offensive lineman's girlfriend arrested for DV

Article here. If it can happen to an OL, it can happen to any man. Excerpt:

'The longtime girlfriend of Baltimore Ravens’ D.J. Fluker was arrested earlier this month for an alleged incident of domestic violence, something the veteran offensive lineman claims has happened in the past.

Police were called to the couple’s home in Reisterstown, Maryland on July 13 after Fluker claimed that his girlfriend Kimberly Davis, with whom he shares a child with, punched him in the nose during an argument over social media, FOX 45 reported, citing police documents.
Davis reportedly told police that she poked Fluker in the nose after he called her a bad mother, adding that she didn’t intend to hurt him and that her fingernails could have scratched him causing him to bleed.

She was taken into custody and was charged with second-degree assault and destruction of property.

But Fluker told police that night that it wasn’t the first time he’s been a victim of domestic abuse.'

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