Who killed Red Pill lawyer Marc Angelucci – and why?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Homicide detectives are investigating, the investigation is ongoing, and the motive for the shooting is recorded in official documents as being “unknown” at this time.

Except, it’s not “unknown” is it?

This bears all the marks of a hit.

The question that must be answered now is – if it was a hit, who was behind the killing?
Never, ever again may anyone attempt to assert that there is no war on men and boys in the US or around the world.

Do not ever attempt to assert that feminism has any interest, regard or ambition to pursue “equality”.

And do not for one second think that the growing, passionate movement which is fighting back against female supremacy, warped discrimination and seeking true equal rights for all, is going to let Marc Angelucci’s death disappear from headlines.

This murder, this hit, this utterly foul destruction of a valuable and cherished life speaks volumes about the walls of power.

Whether this was a coven of feminist witches desperate to remove such a slick operator, or someone powerful who he successfully challenged, whoever ordered this hit is an enemy of equality, peace, harmony and fairness.'

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