Marc Angelucci's murder suspected by friends of being a hit

Article here. Excerpt:

'Co-workers and friends of the men's rights attorney who was shot dead in front of his California home this weekend say his killing could be related to his court cases.

Marc Angelucci, 52, a board member of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Coalition for Men (NCFM), was killed at his front door in Crestline on Saturday around 4pm.
'It maybe related to our cases, I am sure the cowards that murdered my friend in cold blood won’t be stupid enough to come after a pro #2A Congressional candidate,' she added.

Kennedy said she and Angelucci gave 'a devastating blow to our opposition' on Friday.

'We talked laughed hugged each other and planned to meet this week to go over next steps. We wee such a good legal team,' she said.

His friend and former Congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine tweeted claiming his death was a 'hit', noting he was about to win a 'huge case' in Mariposa County.'

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